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Download Phoenix Point

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Phoenix Point belongs to the genre of tactical strategies. The production set in the science-fiction world is the work of the SnapShot Games studio, known for the Chaos Reborn crowdfunding game. If you are a fan of titles in science-fiction conventions, download Phoenix Point Download and move to an extraordinary world.

Phoenix Point Download Full version

The story presented in Phoenix Point takes place in 2046. A decade earlier there was the discovery of an ancient virus of foreign origin, which got out of control and attacked all the forms of life encountered. The global pandemic led to the fall of humanity, and mutants appeared instead of people and animals in the world. Much of the Earth is shrouded in fog, and survivors try to fight for survival. Opponents are constantly changing and adapting to previously unknown conditions, and the only shelter is provided by isolated enclaves. If you want to deal with this hostile environment, download Phoenix Point Download and survive in a devastated world full of mutants. In many respects, production refers to the work of H.P. Lovecraft or David Cronenberg. The plot offers players various endings, depending on the decisions made during play. Phoenix Point is a production that is largely inspired by the original X-Com and its upgraded versions, such as XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2. If you’re a fan of these titles, download Phoenix Point and see what else the creators have up their sleeve. In addition to well-known mechanical solutions, production also offers many new possibilities. The player’s task is to take command of the title Phoenix Point, which is one of the last human bastions. The aim of the game is to take care of its security and development, as well as to fight for resources and military operations. The player has the ability to operate a global map, which allows you to search for human settlements and perform various missions for them.

Phoenix Point Download Free PC

While playing, it is very important to visit hidden locations, thanks to which you can acquire resources useful in developing equipment and base. Be cautious when making contact with other factions because not all are friendly. Some try to function as normally as possible, while others strive for complete extermination or give away religious monsters created by the virus. Properly positive contacts with other groups, however, allow you to use their unique weapons and technological solutions. Production puts a lot of emphasis on economic and political aspects. If you like such atmosphere, download Phoenix Point Download and deal with the development of your own faction of survivors. Much of the fun is based on turn-based battles, during which the player has the opportunity to command a unit. Almost every site visited is generated randomly, which adds uniqueness to the game.

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