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My Lovely Wife Download Game – Full Version PC

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My Lovely Wife download is the second installment of a series of horror-style simulation and strategy games. During the game, the player takes on the role of a certain Jake, who uses his abilities to summon succubus to bring his deceased wife back to life.

My Lovely Wife is the second part of the series of horror-style simulation and strategy games developed by Game Changer Studio. As in My Lovely Daughter, the player’s task is to resurrect a loved one.

My Lovely Wife download PC – Plot

In My Lovely Wife, the player takes on the role of a man named Jake, who received the ability to summon succubus from a demon. One day he receives a letter from his deceased wife in which she asks him to perform a ritual to bring her back to life. The protagonist decides to fulfill the will of his beloved. The course of the entire story and its ending depend on the decisions made by the player.

Mechanics – download My Lovely Wife

In My Lovely Wife pc download, the player takes on the role of an alchemist who received the ability to summon succubus from a demon. It is thanks to the sacrifice of these creatures that the protagonist can create a vessel for his wife’s soul. Succubus are created using a combination of various types of resources available in the game. Each of these creatures has its own character and needs. In order for them to be used in a ritual, one must first build a proper relationship with them. For this purpose, the developers decided to use the mechanics characteristic of the dating simulator genre. So, the player must, among other things, talk to the succubus and give them various gifts. This allows you to systematically fill the sympathy bar. You need gold to buy gifts for succubi. You can get money in two ways – by sending succubus to work or by making special orders for city residents.

Technical issues – My Lovely Wife download for free

The graphics of My Lovely Wife are kept in a dark and cartoon style. The whole thing resembles the drawings in an old, damaged book.

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