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The Sims 4: Growing together download

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les sims 4 growing together download

Growing Together is another non-standalone expansion for The Sims 4. The add-on focuses on family activities, introduces new life stages (starting with a baby), and the town of San Sequoia.

The Sims 4: Growing Together Download is another expansion to EA’s popular life simulator series Maxis. The production emphasizes family and neighborhood relationships, the maturation and formation of the personality of the Sims, it also introduces new objects to decorate the house (changing table, educational mat, sleeping bag for children) or places that can be visited (cinema on the coast, public paddling pool).

Mechanic The Sims 4: Grow Together Free

The expansion takes us to the quaint town of San Sequoia – once a small fishing village, now a bustling metropolis. The new environment is divided into three districts: Anchor Coast, Gilbert’s Gardens and Hopewell Hills.

The Sims 4: Grow Together Free takes family life to a new level, often putting blood ties to the test. Family members can participate in intergenerational activities – fishing, walking the pier or jogging in the park. Grandparents teach their grandchildren to ride bikes or build a tree house with them. Their help is especially useful for babies who have been given new interactions (for example, changing diapers and putting them to sleep) and the ability to express needs and emotions. The addition allows you to experience the growth of children, through the introduction of several stages of their lives. There are also quirks in The Sims 4: Together that make each child unique. The offspring may dislike pacifiers, be early risers, picky eaters, etc.

Growing Together – Link to download the full version of the game

The changes have also affected adult Sims, who will face, for example, problems at work, a midlife crisis or a family move. Along with these events, their previous character traits may change. The expansion adds Sims preferences to the game, where they befriend people who meet specific criteria much faster. Social compatibility can lead to the deepening of relations, while its lack will create conflicts and reasons for quarrels.

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