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Download Starsector for free. Starfarer – Full Game

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download starsector

An extended two-dimensional space simulator developed by Fractal Softworks. During the adventure, the player sits at the helm of his own ship; The game does not impose specific goals, focusing on free exploration and character development. Starsector is a vast space simulator in which the player assumes the role of a ship captain and sets out to conquer the universe. The title does not impose specific objectives and emphasizes freedom of gameplay. The Fractal Softworks studio is responsible for the production.

Starsector Starfarer download – Plot

The world presented in Starsector is extremely vast. The action of the game takes place in the 206th cycle (year 3126) in the arm of Perseus, one of the four main arms of the Milky Way. It is one of many sectors that have been engulfed in an endless war for resources caused by the cut off from the rest of the cosmos.

In the distant past, humanity ruled over much of the Milky Way. The entire empire called the Domain of Man was ruled by the Council, which was based on “Old Earth”. The territories under his control were divided into a number of sectors; efficient movement between them was possible due to special gates. One day, all gates to the sector were closed and all communication links with the human domain were severed. The lack of contact with the rest of the empire combined with insufficient food resources resulted in the outbreak of a war between the planets.

This is the reality in which the player falls. He takes control of his spaceship and crosses the space of the Perseus Arm sector. During his adventure he can join a number of different factions: e.g. an organization called Hegemony, claiming to be the spiritual successor to the Human Domain, or the Tri-Tachyon Society.

Free Starsector Starfarer Mechanics

Download Starsector is a space simulator with a procedurally generated world that gives you almost unlimited freedom of exploration. The player takes control of one of the many ships available in the game, including cruisers, frigates, and fighters. Each of them has their own unique properties that affect how you play. In addition, ships can be modified to the extent limited by their construction. Control of ships has been rendered in great detail, taking into account many installed components. For example, you can disable transponders to avoid detection by enemies or start crankshaft engines and expose yourself to attack from space pirates.

Starsector Starfarer Useful Game Information

The player can not only explore space alone, but also create a fleet consisting of many different ships. A captain can be hired in any of the controlled ships.

During exploration, you may come across a number of shipwrecks and abandoned settlements from which you can obtain technology. There is also an option to storm one of the settlements. In this case, you need to gather a strong fleet and hire an appropriate number of marines – all settlements have their own defense structures. The chances of success of the raid are defined by a special indicator. Each colony can be captured once per day. However, if attacked too often, it will strengthen its defensive structures.

Download Starsector Starfarer free

Character development also plays an important role in Starsector. As the game progresses, the player accumulates points, which can then be spent on acquiring new skills. Abilities are divided into four categories: Combat, Leadership, Technology, and Industry. Each tree consists of 10 different perks, divided into five levels – after reaching each of them, you can choose one of the two available skills. Also, after unlocking a given ability, it can be further upgraded, up to the fifteenth level.

In addition to space exploration, there is also the possibility of building a colony. Players can create their own colony on any of the available planets. It can serve many different purposes, such as producing and exporting materials for profit, or creating ships and weapons for the fleet. The efficiency of a given installation depends on its stability: the higher the value of the indicator, the better the market position and the stronger the fleet.

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