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On The Road Download PC Simulator

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Are you fascinated by trucks? Find out more and download On The Road download! This is a new truck driving simulator. In the game the player has the opportunity to move to modern Germany and practice there his skills in driving a truck.

On The Road (PC) – truck driving simulator

Are you interested in trucks? Perhaps you dream about being behind the wheel of one of them, but in the real world you do not have enough courage? In this case, a good solution will be a truck driving simulator from the Toxtronyx studio – a game On The Road, published by Aerosoft. In the game, we have the opportunity to drive around 1,400 kilometers of highways and around 300 kilometers of national roads. By playing the driver you will receive more and more lucrative orders for the delivery of goods to various places. Are you ready to face this challenge? Download On The Road download.

Mechanics of the game

In order to be successful in the game, we will have to master a simulated trucking. Our task will be to deliver further loads to specific locations. We will have to bring them to the goal in the most efficient way – the sooner we do, the better. At the beginning, we will only receive simple, low-paying orders. Along with the progress in the game, we will be cooperating with other companies that will offer us more interesting orders, bringing much more profits. In this way, our career in the game will develop.

Visual issues – On The Road

The game very faithfully reproduces real German roads. The game also illustrated a dozen of the largest German cities, such as Berlin, Munich, Dortmund, Hamburg or Cologne. It is also worth paying attention to the way in which landscapes or building elements were presented. Because they were created based on real satellite images, they look very realistically. What’s more, the game is diversified by the fact that different seasons and weather conditions were also reproduced.

Download On The Road PC

A lot of attention has been paid to the design of trucks. It was possible because the game developers established cooperation with MAN – a leading manufacturer of trucks. Thanks to this the player in the simulator can sit behind the wheel of authentic models of cars manufactured by MAN. The cars have been carefully refined both in terms of their appearance, but also the appearance of the cabin or transmissions. Would you like to sit behind the wheel of one of them and go on tour? Download On The Road Download and start the adventure as a driver.

Although the game was not created with great impetus visually, realism and faithful reproduction of details are certainly its great advantage.

The Truck Driving Simulator On The Road offers only single player play. The game is available in English. The official premiere of the game will take place in June 2018, but the game in early access is from March 20, 2017.

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