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Download Contraband Police for PC

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Contraband Police is a simulation game for personal computers with Windows. The title is the work of the Polish studio Crazy Rocks, known from the fighting street brawl Street Warriors Online. The release of production was undertaken by the PlayWay company, which has many popular games, including Agony or Car Mechanic Simulator 2018.

Contraband Police Download full version

The story presented in Contraband Police is just a pretext, because the game is a typical simulator devoid of any deeper plot. The main subject of production is smuggling. The player impersonates a policeman whose task is to catch smugglers. Smugglers illegally transport goods in various types of hiding places, which they hide in their vehicles. The aim of the fun is to discover them and requisition them. If you are interested in the fight of law enforcement officers with smuggling, download Contraband Police Download and try your hand at this unusual activity.

Mechanics in the game Contraband Police

In terms of the solutions used, the game in Contraband Police offers a lot of possibilities, but it is not overly complex and complicated. Playing as a policeman, the player has the option of stopping drivers at every routine border control. Meeting these duties requires vigilance, because almost every person entering the country may be a smuggler. If you want to demonstrate your skills, download Contraband Police Download and catch each of the delinquents in the act. The player’s task is to identify drivers and check the list of goods transported across the border. It is necessary, inter alia, to look at the package, to check that everything looks as it should. Feel like a real guardian and full version Contraband Police reloaded to prevent illegal smuggling.

Download Contraband Police – Free for PC

Some of the goods carried, such as weapons or drugs, can be hidden under the hood of the car, as well as other unusual places. The player’s task is, among other things, to check whether the contraband has not been hidden, for example in a battery. Permanent duties also include examining the technical condition of the machines. The player must pay attention to broken mirrors or damaged headlamps, and if these defects are found, issue the proper driver’s mandate. Every day, the guided character receives new guidelines and orders, for example regarding the control of machines in the weight limit. You can arrest detained smugglers or accept a bribe. All actions, however, have an impact on respect among other guards. If you want to try your hand as a dishonest law enforcement officer, download Contraband Police Download and develop your own work rules. For completing work, the player gains points that can be spent, for example, on the purchase of new tools or the employment of a police dog. These solutions allow for more effective vehicle checking, thus achieving better efficiency in catching smugglers.

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