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Car Trader Simulator Download PC

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car trader simulator download pc

Ever wanted to try your hand as a car dealer? Car Trader Simulator Download PC is an installer that will not only allow you to test yourself in this role, but also pull you in thanks to its unusual mechanics! The prepared production can be praised primarily for the very realistically devoted world of the car dealer and how this profession earns. We, as the creators of this installer, can boast of above average programming knowledge, which was necessary to program a fully working installer. Thanks to this, using the Car Trader Simulator Download installer we will not only be able to test the basic functions of the game, but also get acquainted with all the options and possibilities that the car dealer simulator offers. Therefore, it is an installer prepared from the ground up with a view to ensuring the highest quality of service through trouble-free gameplay.

Car Trader Simulator Download PC Game plot and producer:

Car Trader Simulator is a Polish creation, prepared both by a Polish developer and published by a Polish company. Live Motion Games to the company with the publisher PlayWay, people responsible for the release of such games as, for example, Car Mechanic Simulator, Truck Mechanic, or Farm Simulators, have decided to prepare a game that will tell us about one of the most interesting professions, namely car trading. In the game, we play the role of a dealer who buys damaged used cars, and then sells them after repair. Everything depends on us. We can decide to buy peacocks a new car with delicate damage or an almost historic vehicle heavily damaged. Using the given installer, Car Trader Simulator Full PC Version, we can test ourselves as a trader today and see how much money we will make on a given purchase!

In terms of gameplay, it is worth mentioning how the whole game proceeds. First of all, we start our struggle with a rather small amount of money. For this amount, we will not only have to buy a car, but also bring it to the service center, repair it and then put it up for sale. It is worth noting that depending on where the car is located, we will pay more or less for the tow truck. In addition, after the purchase, we can choose whether the creators decided to focus on preparing the game for one player. This means that we will not be able to test your dealer skills against other players. However, this is not the minus of this game, because by limiting the game modes to one, the developers could devote their time to refine this mode, and thus to prepare it as best they could.

Technical issues

Another, quite important thing related to Car Trader Simulator is of course technical considerations. Due to the fairly simple and undemanding graphic design, the game does not need the latest computers to run. What’s more, after turning on production, we will be able not only to enjoy the production on high-end equipment, but also on older, slightly less efficient computers. The game was prepared on the basis of simple, two-dimensional graphics. Thanks to this, it is transparent and the player can focus on strategic and economic elements, showing everyone how good a trader he is. Use the installer Download Car Trader Simulator Download PC and check today how interesting the game is! It all depends on how much we are able to risk, repairing the car cheaply.

As soon as we repair the car, we will have to advertise it accordingly. We have various advertising methods at our disposal to help us sell. As soon as we place ads, customers will start calling. Another extremely important and important part of the game is proper price negotiation. It is obvious that the customer will want to buy the car as cheap as possible. It is therefore up to us to sell the car at a reasonable profit. Car Trader Simulator Full Version is an installer that will allow you to check how well you negotiate the price and how good a dealer you really are!

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