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After Reset Download PC

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After Reset is a post-apocalyptic RPG game. In terms of the general atmosphere and style, the title refers to the classics of the genre like the first parts of Fallout. Production is the work of an independent studio led by Richard Nixon, appearing under the pseudonym of MrNixon.

The plot in the game After Reset

The action presented in After Reset takes place in the unforgiving future. Inhabitants of the Earth have to deal with the consequences of global nuclear extermination. The scale of damage turned out to be so high that even after a few decades from the nuclear apocalypse survival on the planet requires taking part in a hard fight. If you like post-apo moods, download After Reset Download and learn about the extremely suggestive vision of the future. One third of the planet is occupied by the Yellow Zones, in which groups of anarchists exercise power over the radioactive dust of city ruins. Their strong position results from having control of valuable water and food stocks that have not been contaminated. A significant part of the area is also the Red Zones, which were created as a result of the explosion of nuclear bombs. The forms of life that survived in them have taken a hideous and degenerated form, and the whole area is full of anomalies. These zones are ruled by outsiders and mutants.

Gameplay in After Reset

The game takes place in 132 years after the title reset. The player goes to a dangerous world and takes on a daredevil who is forced to fight for survival. The basic threats faced by the hero include deadly anomalies and ruthless bandits. See an amazing vision of the world after the destruction, download After Reset Download and take on the invincible daredevil. The game is presented in a traditional isometric view, which title resembles old-school RPG positions. The fight is played in real time and is based on dice rolls. An important element of the fun is the development of the character, inspired by the rules in force in Dungeons & Dragons and the S.P.E.C.I.L.L. The hero’s combat level is influenced by his skills, equipment and attributes. The locations visited in the game are located both in buildings and on the surface of the Earth. The player can find, among others, abandoned research buildings, endless wastelands or devastated cities.

Binding game After Reset

Climate in After Reset is built due to the gloomy atmosphere. It is influenced not only by suggestive music or depressing surroundings, but also the gameplay itself. It’s not uncommon to survive, the main character must use not entirely fair methods. The most commonly used means include assassination or trade in stolen information. If you want to demonstrate the ability to survive, download After Reset Download and test your strength in a world without rules. The visual setting was prepared using the Unity 3D engine, which was also used to create other similar titles, such as Wasteland 2 or Project Eternity. The dense climate is also built by an exceptionally well-chosen soundtrack.

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