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Monster Energy Supercross 6 Free Download

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monster energy supercross download

Monster Energy Supercross 6 download is another Milestone racing game licensed from Monster Energy AMA Supercross motorcycle competition. The main novelties in the “six” are the large open card of Supercross Park and the involvement of Jeremy McGrath as the player’s personal trainer.

Monster Energy Supercross 6 free – what is this game about?

Licensed to download Monster Energy Supercross 6 includes official courses, teams, motorcycles and riders who participated in real competitions in the 2022 season. As before, the main form of fun here is the career mode, in where we start from scratch and walk all the way to becoming a Supercross World Champion – from finding your first sponsor and qualifying to race on 250cc motorcycles to competing at the highest level on 450cc machines. Along the way, including we unlock new skills from our player, achieve goals set by the coach, or participate in training sessions to stay fit (falls can cause injury, after which you must follow a re-education). With Monster Energy Supercross 6 free, Milestone is aimed at new players. The main manifestation of this is the inclusion of seven-time supercross champion Jeremy McGrath in the game as a personal trainer who shares his experience at the Supercross Academy with us – through lessons where we learn the basics of high performance motorcycling as well only challenges. Added to this is a wider range of assists than before and other options that allow you to adjust the gameplay to your preferences. The second important novelty is Supercross Park – a large open map where we can go crazy and practice our skills. There are a number of super and motocross routes, as well as locations such as a mine or an airport. The previously unavailable attraction is the Rhythm Attack mode, which consists of fast-paced 1v1 duels. There have also been various physics and AI improvements.

How to download Monster Energy Supercross 6?

Monster Energy Supercross 6 features a total of eight game modes (single and multiplayer). In addition to the careers and Rhythm Attack mentioned above, there are, among other things, online and split-screen races. A track editor and player rankings are also included.

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