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Dropzone Download Full Version

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Dropzone is a strategy game combining elements of modern MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) titles and features of the most classic RTSs. Production is the work of the studio SparkyPants, known among others from Civilization II, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckonin or the series Rise of Nations. The title released for personal computers with Windows PC is available in the free-to-play model. If you like modern RTSs, download Dropzone Download and check the options offered by this game.

Dropzone Download Full PC Version

The story presented in the game Dropzone takes place in the 20th century. Humanity has become addicted to the mysterious energy from a source called the Core. In the universe, however, there is only one place where it can be obtained. It is Europe – the moon of Jupiter attacked by an alien race of Kavash. The player gains control over three pilots who control powerful battle mechs, known as Rig. The aim of the game is to defeat enemy aliens, as well as to reach the resources necessary for the life of energy. To take part in a space expedition, download Dropzone Download and stand up to the task. The solutions used in Dropzone refer in many respects to the most classic strategies played in real time. Production, however, does not have an element quite typical for this genre, which is the expansion of its own base. The creators focused instead on tactical battles, modeled on those known from the MOBA games. Each player controls three mechs, and the battles themselves are fairly small maps and last a dozen or so minutes. The task of each player is to obtain the Core located in the middle of the map, as well as to eliminate the rival. The game also generates random side quests during each duel, thanks to which additional points can be earned. If you like fighting between powerful machines, download Dropzone Download and stand at the controls of your own mech. Players have three classes at their disposal, each with different characteristics and capabilities in terms of combat and defense.

Dropzone Download Full Version Game

The player can create his own family from virtually any type of units, which will be controlled by different heroes. Before starting the struggle, it is possible to choose the most passive skills and weapon types suited to the style of the game. The units reach the battlefield from the deck of the repair and transport ship. As in other MOBA games, production has a simple development system implemented. With the advances made, mech pilots can advance to higher levels of experience and gain new abilities. Dropzone is a title designed exclusively for multiplayer games. Up to two players who take control of separate teams can participate in a maximum of one match. Thanks to the use of Sparkle Engine’s proprietary engine, the game has been adapted to intense network matches in one-on-one mode.

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