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Download Battalion 1944

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If you are looking for an extremely interesting game that happens in the realities of World War II, download Battalion 1944 Download and start an amazing military adventure. This game was released specially for PCs in the first person shooter (FPS) mode. Lets become a soldier fighting on the front of World War II. There are various types of multiplayer games available, thanks to which you have the chance to compete with other players, which gives you even more excitement.

Battalion 1944 Download – Full Version

Many players recognize that the type of the game is something between dexterity and simulation, which makes the game really real. We are dealing here with multiplayer infantry clashes. You play as one of the soldiers in the regiment and have a chance to fight the enemy. This is a really good shooter, which is appreciated by many players who have been playing in this type of production for years.

Battalion 1944 – about the game

The game is based on historical events – it refers to the times of the Second World War. The whole game was inspired by such classics as Medal of Honor and Call of Duty. So if you love the previously mentioned titles, download Battalion 1944 Download, and you will not be disappointed. The game is focused on quick, sometimes even instant games between many players gathered in the game of infantry soldiers. And what’s important – the whole game is about your skills. You will not find “enhancers” that will help your characters get along better. There is no development path here that will allow the character to gain new skills. Everything is based on how you deal with controlling your soldier. With the increase of your own control capabilities, you will be able to gain achievements that have been presented in the game in the form of patches or inscriptions with your name on the rifle butt. Achievements, however, do not add anything to the character’s skills. This game was created by the Bulkhead Interactive studio from Great Britain. A very interesting solution used in this game is the location of matches on real battlefields from the Second World War. So you will be able to fight even in the charming places of France. These spots are really realistically reproduced, and the graphics throughout the game are at a really decent level. If you want to play on a realistically reconstructed front of World War II, download Battalion 1944 free download and start fighting! You will not be disappointed. The game is incredibly exciting.

Download Battalion 1944 PC Full Version

You can choose the mode that suits you, such as deathmatch or flag capture, and try to win with your team. What’s more – together with your friends you can set up your own dedicated server and enjoy the games together, but you can also have fun on the LAN. This game is a very interesting option for people who are looking for dynamic stories referring to historical times. It allows for interesting, unique games with many other players, so you will never get bored. In addition, you’ll practice your skills related to character control.

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