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BattleTech Download PC

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BattleTech is a tactical cRPG game prepared for personal computers with Windows. Production is a kind of refreshing of the iconic brand, which was first made by Westwood in 1988. The title is the work of the studio Harebrained Scheme, known among others from the game Shadowrun Returns.

BattleTech Download – Full PC Version

The action of the game is set in the title world BattleTech. The universe is full of merciless mercenaries and bloody mercenaries. Player lands in 3025, an era of war successes. The mighty noble houses employ less and less giant battle vehicles called Battlemechs, piloted by units called MechWarriors, to fight for control of the Inner Sphere. The battles last so long and were so intense that they caused a technological regression. To learn about the history of an extraordinary world, download BattleTech Download and become one of the mercenaries. The Inner Sphere presented as a cosmic space, extending from 400 to 600 light-years from Earth in every direction. It is divided into five main states, each connected to a noble house and four smaller states. Each major state borders on the Earth and extends outward, while smaller states occupy small areas on the outer edge of the map known as The Periphery.

Gameplay in the game BattleTech

The small number of remaining mechs makes them extremely valuable for warring noble houses. The player has the option of choosing which one he wants to serve. If you want to take part in bloody space battles, download BattleTech Download and join one of the houses. The production is characterized by a varied and extensive story campaign and a modern turn-based system. In total, the player has at his disposal three modes of play, namely a mercenary campaign, a one-man skirmish and a multi-player skirmish. The former allows you to bring a bloody civil war to the end. To prove yourself in effective combat, download BattleTech free download and become a space mercenary. During play, the role of the ship management plays a large role, by means of which the player finds and accepts new orders. It can also manage the crew and improve and repair your own mech.

BattleTech Download the game on PC

Skilful use of environmental elements is a very important element of the fight in the game BattleTech. In this way, the player can gain an additional type of shield, and also in a more thoughtful way to attack the opponent. The ability to draw any item from the equipment of defeated enemies requires a lot of attention not to destroy them during a brutal clash. If you want to prove yourself in a bloody fight, download BattleTech Download and develop your skills. Mechs that can be developed very much deserve attention when playing. In a duel, the status of all parts of the player’s armor may be crucial. This is important especially because in addition to long-distance fire exchange is also necessary to participate in melee combat.

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