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Night in the Woods Download PC

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Are you looking for an interesting adventure game that can captivate you with a unique atmosphere? Be sure to download Night in the Woods download. This is a unique game that provides both entertainment and pleasant aesthetic experiences. It can be included in the group of experimental or alternative games. Although this classification is usually associated with something strange, there is nothing to fear. This game is simply beautiful. Moreover, although indie climate and experimental solutions usually cause low interest in the project, this game has won the hearts of many people and is really highly rated by the players.

Night in the Woods Download – Full PC Version

The very mechanics of entertainment is very simple, and even you can say that trivial. However, her message and the whole frame really surprise me very positively. At first glance, it looks like an infantile game for children, but you can be sure that during the game you will be encouraged to think deeply about your life. Yes! This game has a message. And it is very serious. This combination of platformer and adventure game can really please.

The main character Night in the Woods is Mae Borowski – rebellious and rebellious cat, who has no authority for anything. Shortly after the decision to stop his studies, he returns to his family home. He expects to be like it used to be. He plans to renew contacts with close and distant acquaintances and return to his pre-departure life. However, it turns out to be a dream. Everything changes and you can see it very clearly in your home town. And the city, friends and acquaintances, and even strangers are people other than those whom she knew and associated before leaving. Through the next stages of the game, Mae gets to know her new, known world of a home town. During the game, we meet Mae’s friends, whom we have the opportunity to learn and to take a closer look at their transformation. So if you like such atmosphere, download Night in the Woods download and choose with the main character in a very nostalgic journey around her world.

Night in the Woods Download the game on PC

It is worth knowing that the game was created thanks to a successful crowdfounding action on Kickstarter, which lasted only 26 hours. At this rate, the amount required to implement this project was achieved. Behind Night in the Woods is an independent Infinite Fall studio whose head is Alec Holowka. The game turned out to be a really big success – to check it, download Night in the Woods free download and get to know a really interesting world and a fantastic, nostalgic story. It was released in February 2017, but in December an extended version was released, which is also worth checking out. The world shown Night in the Woods forces us to reflect on the passing of time and the fact that the reality around us is changing. It is definitely not a game that relaxes by “not thinking”. Although it is certainly nice to go through the whole game and meet friends Mae, as well as herself. We can reflect on the fact that certain stages of life are irreversibly gone – the creators made sure that during the game we could experience a kind of catharsis and look at life from a different perspective.

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