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Find out how to download Road 96: Mile 0 for free

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Road 96 Mile 0 download

A prequel to Road 96, a hybrid of adventure and rhythm game. In Road 96: Mile 0, we play Zoe and Kaito, who not only learn about each other, but also the secrets of the fictional state of Petria, its tyrant and the girl’s high-ranking father. Road 96: Mile 0 download is a prequel to the popular Road 96 released in 2021. The production, which is an adventure game enriched with elements taken from musical games, was developed by the independent team DigixArt Studio and published by Ravenscourt.

Road 96: Mile 0 Parcel

The action of Road 96: Mile 0 Free takes place before the events presented in Road 96. The title takes us on a journey to the fictional state of Petria (ruled by Tyrak, i.e. the president-dictator ), and more precisely – in the city of Blanche, full of wealth and splendor.

The main characters are a girl named Zoe, known from Road 96, and Kaito, who we played in Lost in Harmony: Kaito’s Adventure. While Zoe is the daughter of one of Tyrak’s government ministers and her family revolves around local figures, Kaito comes from the dangerous town of Colton and moved to White Sands with her parents, who were looking for a chance to have a better life there. After their paths cross, the heroes become friends; As they spend time together, they discover a disturbing truth about Petria, Tyrak, and Zoe’s father. During the game, we can find out what made the girl decide to run away from home, as well as what happened in 1986 during the Border Attack.

Mechanical – Road 96: Mile 0 download

The gameplay of Road 96: Mile 0 is based on two pillars. The first is the narrative layer; over subsequent conversations, we get to know Zoe and Kaito better and better, their problems and their dilemmas. The second pillar of fun are journeys into their minds, which are presented in the form of skateboard rides through psychedelic locations. These stages require us to demonstrate dexterity and reflexes as well as a sense of rhythm.

Download Road 96: Mile 0 Full Version

The graphic design of Road 96: Mile 0 download is maintained in a characteristic style, full of pastel colors, known from Road 96. The gameplay is accompanied by an atmospheric soundtrack, and the leitmotif of the game is the song Land Locked Heart by the American group The Midnight.

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