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Eden Star Game Download

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Eden Star is an adventure game in the realities of science fiction, combining elements of action, platform parkour and sandboks freedom. The title is the work of independent developers from the Flix Interactive studio. If you like extensive and varied productions, download Eden Star Download and take part in an unrestricted play.

Eden Star Download full version

The story presented in the game Eden Star takes place on the distant planet Pharus 7. The player takes on a character whose mission is to survive in the original world. To accomplish this, the hero must collect the necessary minerals. Maybe thanks to them, they can build new tools that will be designed to shape the environment. If you like an intriguing gameplay in science-fiction convention, download Eden Star Download and survive in this demanding world. The most spectacular gadgets include the special RDM glove. The player can use it to move items easily, including those located at long distances. To try out this amazing tool, download Eden Star Download and shape your game surroundings. A characteristic feature of production is a properly-engineered, realistic physical engine. This means that the game environment actively reacts to the player’s actions. For example, to destroy the wall, the hero can throw a heavy object into it. If you like productions that offer a high level of refinement, download Eden Star Download and try the extremely realistic physical engine. Acquiring resources is not the only activity for the player. The entire surface of the planet Pharus 7 is inhabited by numerous enemies, so the hero spends a lot of time fighting against unfavorable characters. The planet’s very environment is also a serious threat, full of chasms and avalanches lurking for the player. If you want to visit an unknown world, download Eden Star Download and go to the planet Pharus 7.

Eden Star Download

To cope with hostile surroundings, the main character can use his acrobatic abilities. This element of the game was prepared based on solutions known from both parts of Mirror’s Edge. The extensive parkour system can be used both during ordinary exploration and fighting against enemies. In the event of death, the hero’s character is resurrected in the appropriate chamber. During fighting, the most important role is played by the protection of this machine, which often turns out to be a very difficult task. Operation of the device is driven by numerous cores generating special Teslinum energy, attracting nearby enemies. The chamber is also used by the hero to convert raw minerals, to construct reinforcement and to build structures. The game Eden Star was developed on the Unreal Engine 3. The most important features of production include not only realistic physics, but also detailed graphic design. The title also works with VR Oculus Rift. To move to an unfamiliar world, download Eden Star Download and try out the possibilities offered by virtual reality.

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