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Dream Alone Download Full Version PC

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Dream Alone is an unconventional platform game, enriched with elements typical of horror movies. Designed for personal computers with the Windows PC system, the production was developed by independent developers from the WarSaw Games studio. Her release was taken by the Fat Dog Games company, known for its cooperation with many creators of independent titles. If you like indie games, download Dream Alone Download and check the original ideas of the creators.

Dream Alone Download Full PC Version

The story presented in the game Dream Alone begins in a mysterious village, whose inhabitants, as a result of an unknown disease, begin to fall into a coma. The player takes on a character whose family also falls victim to this incomprehensible plague. The hero’s task is to set out on a dangerous and long journey, during which he hopes to find a mythical Lady Death. According to ancient beliefs, this creature has the ability to stop the tragic epidemic. To find out about the future of the accursed village, download Dream Alone Download and go to search for help for its inhabitants. The action in the game Dream Alone is shown from the side, as in many classic two-dimensional platformers. In many respects, the mechanics do not differ from the tested solutions, but the title is distinguished by a few elements. The player’s task is to traverse different locations. The hero wanders among others through dark factories, swamps, gloomy forests and caves. During the trip it is also necessary to avoid various obstacles, traps and enemy enemies. If you like platform games, download Dream Alone Download and beat all levels.

Dream Alone – Some informations and download links

Distinctive feature Dream Alone in comparison to other platform games are primarily the protagonist’s abilities. The main character is able to move to alternative reality, which turns out to be extremely useful when solving various environmental puzzles. In this way, the player can, for example, get to places that are otherwise inaccessible to him. The hero can also create a copy of his body, through which it is possible to solve the most onerous puzzles or deactivate traps. If you value platform games that require logical thinking, download Dream Alone Download and unravel all the puzzles left by the creators. In terms of technical issues, Dream Alone draws attention primarily to the extremely original visual and sound. The title in many respects refers to the classic dark tales and horrors. The production style is quite simple and cartoony, but thanks to the poor color scheme very atmospheric. For a significant part of the time the whole environment is bathed in shades of black and gray. To feel the unusual atmosphere of a fairy-tale horror, download Dream Alone Download and admire the creativity of designers. An additional advantage of the production is the minimalist soundtrack.

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