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The Lost Pisces Download

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The Lost Pisces is an adventure action game designed for personal computers with Windows. Embedded in the reality of science fiction, the title is the work of an independent American studio, SirenumDigital.

The Lost Pisces Download full version

The story presented in the game The Lost Pisces is clearly inspired by the classic fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen, about the Little Mermaid. Her futuristic version tells the story of a synthetic creature named Pisces, who falls in love with the prince. The vision of nothingness after death frightens her, and therefore she decides to set off in search of a soul that assures immortality and is a determinant of humanity. If you want to know the new version of the famous story, download The Lost Pisces Download and check all the attractions prepared by the game developers. Realities known from fairy tales were replaced with a gloomy world at the peak of technological development. The player impersonates the human soldier accompanying the heroine, and his task is to fulfill the dreams of Pisces and ensure its safety during a joint expedition. The solutions used in The Lost Pisces do not differ in terms of mechanics from other action adventure games. The player traverses together with Pisces a diverse world, whose futuristic locations are full of powerful steel structures, submarine depths or city ruins. If you want to explore the amazing surroundings, download The Lost Pisces Download and explore all corners. During the expedition you can find many useful technologies and objects that are used to fight mechanical bosses. You can defeat them using both a ranged firearm and a direct fight. The player can climb the opponent’s bodies to find their weak points.

How to download The Lost Pisces PC

A very important element of the game is the constant evolution of Pisces, which thanks to the progress made by the player can gradually become human. The learned behaviors and reactions of the machine, over time, become truly human feelings and impulses. In this way, the heroine can, for example, have gradual difficulty in staying in the water. If you want to know this amazing story, download The Lost Pisces Download and take part in an exciting adventure. The player’s behavior is also crucial for the development of the character, whose relations with a synthetic friend are interpreted and memorized on an ongoing basis. Thanks to this, Pisces can gradually develop more and more human consciousness. The Lost Pisces perfectly utilizes the advantages of the fourth generation of the Unreal Engine. Thanks to the advancement of this technology, game developers have managed to create an extremely detailed world. Heroes’ silhouettes also attract attention with lots of details and an extremely realistic way of moving around. The facial expressions that perfectly match the feelings and emotional states of the characters deserve exceptional praise. In the case of this particular title, this is an extremely important aspect that deepens the positive experience of the game.

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