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The Last of Us Part I download – TLoU Remake free

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download The Last of Us Part I

The Last of Us Part I download is a third-person action game from Naughty Dog. The game is cinematic, puts a lot of emphasis on plot and character relationships, and is one of the highest rated titles for PlayStation consoles.

The Last of Us: Part I Free is an action game from Naughty Dog and a remake of the award-winning The Last of Us from 2013. The production refreshes Joel and Ellie’s story from the ground up, using the power and the capabilities of the PlayStation 5 console.

The plot of the game The Last of Us Part I download

The plot of the game remains unchanged from its previous version. The action takes place in the near future. Humanity has been decimated by a global pandemic of the cordyceps fungus, which mutated and began attacking humans. There is no cure for the infection and anyone infected turns into a bloodthirsty beast after a short time. As the world is filled with infected spores and fungi, survivors live in military-controlled quarantine zones, where instead of infection they face starvation, poverty, crime and death. a military iron fist.

The main character of the game is the smuggler Joel, who lost his daughter during the outbreak of the pandemic. One day, he receives a commission from the Fireflies, a group of revolutionaries fighting against the status quo. His job is to smuggle Ellie, an orphaned teenager immune to Cordyceps infection, to the Fireflies headquarters in Salt Lake City. During the trip, Joel and Ellie bond, and the man begins to see the girl as an adopted daughter.

Download The Last of Us Part I – Game mechanics

The basics of gameplay remain the same as in the original – the title does not contain the elements introduced in The Last of Us: Part II. Then we are dealing with a third-person action game with stealth elements, divided into exploration and combat. During exploration, the player collects resources that can be used to create useful items – first aid kits, Molotov cocktails, blades to instantly kill hidden enemies. We will also encounter environmental puzzles in which we must move forward. In the fight, we will face armed people and infected people. Ammo is limited and scarce, so the game encourages you to silently kill enemies, melee, or avoid them. The main gameplay change is artificial intelligence. In the original, enemies were unaware of the presence of our companions – the remake allows them to sneak around and avoid their line of sight. Opponents are much smarter than in the original and use more advanced strategies. Caution and caution are the keys to getting out alive. Also new are additional rewards for in-game progression – alternate character skins and a model gallery.

Game Modes The Last of Us Part I

Download The Last of Us: Part I free offers a single-player campaign that takes several hours. Competitive multiplayer has been removed from the game. It has been replaced by a speedrun mode focused on completing the campaign in the shortest possible time and a permadeath mode, in which death takes us back to the very beginning of the game. The production package also includes the Left Behind story expansion.

Technical Issues / Download The Last of Us Part I Full Version

It is in the audiovisual layer that The Last of Us: Part I download differs the most from the original. The character animations are almost photorealistic, especially the new facial animations. The characters have hundreds of different motion animations, and the game selects the most suitable one for each frame depending on the environment. The physics of realistically destroying objects has also been significantly improved – during gunfights we can be accompanied by shards of glass and pieces of wood flying through the air. The scenography has also been refreshed, the locations and landscapes are detailed and reflect reality.

The game uses the unique features of the PlayStation 5 for greater immersion. The DualSense controller’s trigger resists the pull of the bowstring and vibrates after a shotgun blast. The weapon upgrade process is fully animated and accompanied by controller vibrations designed to replicate what Joel feels. The title offers spatial sound – if the opponent comes from behind, the player will hear it behind him. The production again presents accessibility features known from The Last of Us: Part II, such as colorblind view or audio description.

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