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Download Metro Exodus Full Version

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Metro Exodus is definitely one of the most interesting games that came out of the 4A Games studio. The classic post-apocalyptic vision of the world has been interwoven with an interesting story and very good playability. Download Metro Exodus download to see what this game producer has prepared for you!

Metro Exodus Download – Full PC Version

The world was destroyed by a gigantic, global nuclear war. There was virtually nothing left of her. Nothing, except a handful of people and Artyom – the hero known to us from previous parts. The heroes managed to survive underground, in the underground tunnel. However, this is not their final shelter – they must go to the surface and look for a new, safe place for themselves and perhaps slowly start thinking about rebuilding the world … Unfortunately – as it turns out after leaving the Moscow metro, not only they live in this world. They will have to face mutated, bloodthirsty creatures that will not allow all participants of the escapade to reach safely to the destination … Metro Exodus is an interesting game that the action takes place here throughout the year. Thus, you can observe how the environment changes depending on the seasons. You can also notice how the nuclear war has influenced climate change, and how the climate affects the heroes of the game. The game was also introduced day and night, as well as weather changes, which is not so obvious in the case of postapocalyptic games. If you want to check out the post-apocalyptic world, download Metro Exodus free download – take on Artyom and make drastic decisions. Some of them will make your companions not last until the end of the journey, others – that maybe you will save life not only for yourself, but for others.

Download Metro Exodus PC

The game is non-linear – the open world gives the player a lot more possibilities. The game will meet with excellent graphics and a huge amount of details. This has a big influence on how the game will take place and on the pleasure of playing. The player in this series has large maps, larger than in the previous games. And between the maps you travel using Aurora – a locomotive with a steam engine converted for the needs of players. In single player mode the player can achieve a lot – not only when it comes to traversing the next maps, but also for the satisfaction of the game. Metro Exodus is a classic shooter with stalking and stealth, in which a lot of tactical freedom is provided by non-linear, extensive maps. The game is one of the biggest hits of 2018. Despite the existence of many games on the market in the world after the apocalypse, this one seems to be completely different from everyone. Excellent graphics, thoughtful and consistent plot and interesting characters with character are excellent entertainment for amateurs and advanced players. The game makes us think about life after the apocalypse. Is the survival of an atomic war really something that one should desire above all …? Certainly, Artyom’s companions would have a lot to say about it.

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