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Download Wanted: Dead – Full Version Free

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download wanted dead

A TPP action game on the border of slashers and shooters, overseen by e.g. co-creators of the Ninja Gaiden series. In Wanted: Dead download we find ourselves in a futuristic Hong Kong, which we travel in the shoes of a heroine who uses a rich arsenal of firearms and massacres enemies with katanas.

Wanted: Dead free is a dynamic action game on the border of slasher and shooter. The production was developed by studio Soleil and published by 110 Industries. The project was overseen by, among others, Hiroaki Matsui and Yoshifuru Okamoto, who previously co-created the cult Ninja Gaiden series.

In-Game Story – Wanted: Dead Free Download

Wanted: Dead takes us on a journey to a futuristic version of Hong Kong. The main character of the game is Lieutenant Hannah Stone, the leader of the so-called Zombie Squad, a team operating above the law, who is not afraid of any danger.

Game mechanics

Download In Wanted: Dead, we observe the action from the third person point of view (TPP). While playing, we travel through locations and eliminate hordes of enemies.

The clashes are extremely dynamic, and you can send enemies into the sand with both katana and firearms. Lt. Stone uses all the tools of murder with a speed, grace, and precision that would be the envy of John Wick. In brutal clashes (the protagonist’s sword can easily cut off opponents’ limbs), the key to success is above all dexterity and the ability to effectively combine attacks into spectacular combinations; nothing stands in the way of first “softening” the opponent with a katana, and then finishing him off with an accurate headshot (or a whole series). Not only people stand in our way, but also powerful combat machines, the elimination of which is a much bigger challenge for us.

During breaks after completing missions and slaughtering opponents, we come to headquarters, where Lieutenant Stone can rest, eat and drink, earning special bonuses.

Technical issues / Download Wanted: Dead free

The graphic design of Wanted: Dead presents a decent standard. You will especially like the attack animations, as well as the time slowing effect accompanying the most spectacular actions.

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