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Download The Cycle Game PC For Free

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download the cycle

A science fiction FPS, designed for multiplayer fun and available in a free-to-play model. In The Cycle: Frontier, we play the role of mercenaries who compete or cooperate with each other during subsequent escapades on the planet Fortuna III.

The Cycle: Frontier download is a shooter created with multiplayer fun in mind. The production was developed by the Yager studio, which is known, among others, for the games Dreadnought and Spec Ops: The Line. The title is distributed in the free-to-play model.

Plot – The Cycle download

The Cycle: Frontier for free takes us to the science fiction universe. At the edge of the galaxy, the planet Fortuna III was once a bustling planet and a valuable resource. The title series, i.e. a gigantic, radioactive storm that regularly haunts its various areas, made it a wilderness. Those who managed to survive were forced to flee to the orbital station Prospekt. It did not mean, however, that the planet would be forgotten by them. Its riches and resources are still a tasty morsel for the three factions fighting for control of the planet. To get as many of them as possible, Korolev, ICA and Osiris employ so-called Prospectors. These mercenaries go to different corners of Fortuna III to use the weather “windows” between successive attacks of the cycle to get the most valuable loot.

Mechanics The Cycle download PC

In The Cycle: Frontier free download we watch the action from the first person perspective (FPP). During the game, we select tasks commissioned by individual factions and go to the surface of Fortuna III to achieve the objectives of the mission, while obtaining as many valuable resources as possible. It is not easy, because individual areas of the planet are available to us only for a limited time, while the cycle is prowling in other parts of the globe. Besides, there are often other Prospectors on site. Although logic requires cooperation, bloody skirmishes often take place here, because nothing stands in the way of taking the goods collected by the defeated opponent. As if that were not enough, the planet is teeming with aggressive fauna; Moreover, even the flora here can be really bloodthirsty. If we manage to survive despite all these obstacles, we still have to get to the nearest evacuation ship in one piece, which will take us back to the Prospekt station. Visits in orbit are an opportunity not only to secure loot, complete current tasks and take new orders (it is worth remembering that as our reputation increases with a given faction, we gain access to more and more profitable contracts), but also to obtain a new one. , more powerful weapons, armor and various combat gadgets. In addition, the game has a crafting system that allows us to improve the equipment we already have. All this means that over time we can undertake more and more difficult missions, at the same time posing an increasing threat to anyone who tries to raise a hand against us. A specific icing on the cake is your own quarters, which can also be improved as you progress.

Download The Cycle for free – Game modes

The Cycle: Frontier was developed with multiplayer fun in mind. We can cooperate with other players (on an ad hoc basis or, on the contrary – make permanent alliances) or compete, fighting for every loot.

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