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Dead Island 2 – download full game version

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dead island 2 download

The second part of the series of FPP action games, in which we fight to survive during the zombie apocalypse. Dead Island 2 download takes us to Los Angeles, where we find ourselves as one of the lucky ones resistant to the effects of a deadly virus.

Dead Island 2 is the second installment in the action game series launched in 2011, in which we find ourselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Over the years, the project announced in 2014 has passed from hand to hand. First, the Yager Development team (which provided the iconic Spec Ops: The Line among other things) worked on it, then Sumo Digital took over the game, and finally the Dumbuster Studios team (the authors of Homefront: The Revolution ) took care of the game.

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The action of Dead Island 2 free takes place after the events presented in the first installment of the cycle. A virus that turns people into zombies has arrived in California. The military that was supposed to control the situation failed to get the job done, so they eventually withdrew from Los Angeles. The metropolis was quarantined and its inhabitants were left to their fate. It turns out, however, that in the “City of Angels” there are people who, after being bitten, do not turn into the living dead – instead, the disease grants them various abilities including people in good health can only dream of.

During the game, we take on the role of one of the infected who, together with other lucky people like him, decides to find out more about the epidemic and reach its source, as well as find out the truth about himself .

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In Dead Island 2 download, we look at the action from the first person perspective (FPP). We start the game by choosing one of six characters, each of which has its own personality, unique lines of dialogue and an individual set of skills. It only remains for us to throw ourselves into the whirlwind of bloody adventures.

The production puts at our disposal a vast city, divided into smaller places. In Los Angeles, characteristic places are waiting to be visited – from the picturesque Beverly Hills to the Venice Beach boardwalk. As we travel through the city, we perform tasks that advance the plot and perform various side missions. Along the way, we slaughter hordes of undead, using various melee weapons. It should be remembered that local zombies are not completely devoid of reason, therefore they attack and react realistically to what is happening around. In addition to cannon fodder, which is not difficult to defeat, there are much more powerful individuals in our path.

As we progress, we develop our heroes, learn new abilities and improve the character thanks to the special cards collected during the game. In addition, we increase their combat potential by acquiring better equipment. The in-game crafting system allows you to enrich your weapons with various additional effects; for example, nothing prevents our machete from also inflicting electrical damage.

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Dead Island 2 download free can be played solo or online in co-op. The graphic design of Dead Island 2 features high quality. Particularly detailed zombies can be appreciated; however, the places visited are faultless either.

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