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Crime Boss: Rockay City PC Free

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Crime Boss Rockay City download

Crime Boss: Rockay City is a first-person action game whose leitmotif is the struggle for power in the titular city of Rockay. The production boasts a cast of action movie stars such as Michael Madsen and Chuck Norris.

Plot – Crime Boss: Rockay City

Crime Boss takes us to the town of Rockay City. The city is heavily influenced by gangs. The action begins when the king of the metropolis dies. As a result, a power struggle begins, which the sheriff tries to prevent.

During the game, we take on the role of an aspiring criminal, Travis Baker, who is also trying to become the king of Rockay City. To this end, he joins the gang war.

Crime Boss: Rockay City Free – Throw

Crime Boss: Rockay City has a sensational cast of movie stars from the last century. The role of protagonist Travis Baker was played by Michael Madsen. The gang leaders are played by Danny Trejo and Vanilla Ice, and the sheriff is none other than Chuck Norris.

Crime Boss: Rockay City Mechanics

In Crime Boss: Rockay City, the gameplay is based around gaining influence in the title city. Our tasks include taking over territories from hostile gangs and organizing attacks on subsequent locations to steal as many valuables as possible. We can carry out missions silently, sneaking between the guards or simply eliminating them.

Game Modes / Download Links Crime Boss: Rockay City

Crime Boss: Rockay City lets you play solo and cooperate with up to three other players. To download the full version of the game, click the button below.

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